back to the Japan

martes, 30 de junio de 2009

Im back!!!! one of the girl who only travel to see Tohoshinki in Nagoya (21th June)...
I spent 15 days between Tokyo and Nagoya..and it was amazing....beautiful experience...Only to make my dream come true...Only to see my fav. guy in this world...only to listen my fav band...Only to see you...Shim Changmin *o*

I will try to write in english (but its so hard to express all my feeling in this lenguaje..cause my mother lenguaje is spanish), i do all my best...I promise^^

pic: well we walk to our hostel "Sakura" it was so tired =.= ohh well you can see my chang bag xD

el 1er post de inaguracion *-*

martes, 9 de junio de 2009

grax yuki x todo^^
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